Products Unlimited was founded January 01, 1991 in beautiful Simi Valley, CA.  As an Independent Distributor selling goods and services to various industries, it was in November of 2005 that the company expanded into green technology.  Initally marketing and selling ultasonic cleaning systems to the motorsports industry; hence, providing an enviromentally "green" solution.  The motorsports industry had been overcome by caustic chemicals and hazardous materials.    With the introduction of ultrasound, hot water, and soap, a new green technology was created. 


In 2010, Products Unlimited continued to expand it's vision for a greener environment.  And so it began, a quest to provide energy efficient measures through LED lighting retrofits, benchmarking, and power factor correction.  These measures enable commercial and industrial facilities to minimize their carbon footprint, and reduce their energy consumption by a minimum of 50 percent. 




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