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We offer a wide array of LED lamps and fixtures. Our mission is to meet all of our customers lighting and solar needs.  With LED lighting, we provide solutions for interior and exterior applications  (commercial, industrial, architectural, and custom design); hence, Products Unlimited is able to meet your desired vision.  Regardless the scope of work (office space, classroom, warehouse, gymnasium, street light, stadium sports package, spot lights, or screw in bulbs), we have a product to light the way.  And to further impact your carbon footprint, we provide a solar package that is custom and tailored to your  commercial and/or residential .property (30% tax credit available).  

When looking at the entire energy consumption of a commercial building, it is desirable to know that your facility is operating efficiently.  In other words, a high power factor is ideal (0.95 and above).  0.95 or 95 percent efficient; however, the goal is 1.0 or 100 percent.  Low power factor results in penalties and/or additional charges from the local utility company.  Our goal is to audit your complete building envelope and make sure your facility is running at its maximum capacity and maintaining a high power factor (high power factor is generally desirable in a power delivery system to reduce losses and improve voltage regulation at the load). 

Depending on your utility provider, rebates and incentives will vary.  As it relates to LED lighting, the intent of the utility company is to give the business owner an opportunity to retrofit their entire facility (interior and/or exterior).  The rebate is designed to offset the total project cost; however, in some cases, a rebate may cover the entire cost.  Lighting rebates are typically determined by wattage saved or kilowatt hours saved.  For example, 458 watt metal halide fixture (less) 120 watt LED fixture, equals 338 watts in savings.  338 watts saved (multiplied by) $0.08 (rebate incentive amount) equals $27.04 per fixture rebate.  As you can see, the incentive is extremely beneficial.   

Customers get retrofit infrastructure projects done with zero CAPEX expense, which provides them new cash-flow from their share of the energy savings.  This is not debt and it’s off-balance sheet.  A simple 10-page agreement which is a de-risk for the client.  We cover all maintenance and upgrades.  · We are vendor and contractor agnostic, so the customer can work with us to select suppliers.  Unlike other methods, we’re not just seeking a sales transaction, we want a long-term relationship.  We seek to measure a deferred stream of savings, to achieve efficiency on a long-term, perpetual basis. So we start by looking at your utility bills, then meter and measure to get a baseline of current expenses, then move to a step-wise process of mutual acceptance.

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